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Our mission

When clients choose Elemental, we take care of their business like it’s our own. We put our technical knowledge and experience at their disposal, and aspire to help them grow and prosper.

Our ambition is to transform perceptions of the precious metal management industry. We do this through constant improvement and innovation. We aim to be approachable, forward-thinking and open, so doing business becomes a long-term partnership.

Elemental believe in adding value through excellent communication and personal service. So we educate and inspire our customers by running a technically advanced, yet wholly transparent production process.

Why choose Elemental?

  • Fast, accurate valuations

    At Elemental we use conclusive XRF and ICP chemical analysis, plus decades of expert industry insight to analyse material content. There is no place for opinion or guesswork in our advanced sample preparation, analysis and discovery process. Our goal is to help you maintain a positive financial position based on accurate results.

  • Clear pricing

    Unlike our rivals we don't overcomplicate our process with unnecessary details. At Elemental, we provide a simple, clear price for our highly sophisticated service. If extra detail is required, we issue an open invitation to our advanced processing plant, where we can break each part of our process down to its constituent parts.

  • Consistent, reliable service

    Whether you operate as a small or high volume trader or supplier; we provide the same high-end service, with the same technically advanced machinery and expert insight.

  • We're confidential

    To protect sensitive commercial arrangements, all material is anonymised once it enters our facility. A unique reference number, known only to you and our operations team, tracks each lot through the entire process from arrival to sale.

  • Our reputation for innovation

    As well as technical expertise and advanced processes, we have a reputation for positive disruption in our industry. Elemental are driven by constant improvement and opportunities to develop our process, so it’s more effective and more supportive for our clients.

Elemental Resource Management Cat App

We developed the ERM Cat App to help suppliers accurately price, sort and make informed commercial decisions at the point of purchase. Trusted by leading traders, our app runs on tablet devices both online and offline, offering a dynamic database of individual prices for spent catalytic converters from cars.


  • Thousands of unique entries all  indexed and individually priced
  • Automatic updates plus market-linked  data
  • Unlimited searches
  • Instant quoting service
  • Enables asset management
  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use

Elemental is committed to a new kind of approachable openness in the resource management industry. As well as the discretion, solid reliability and standout technical expertise clients have come to expect when dealing with us in the past.

About us

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