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Market leader in resource management

Planet earth has finite quantities of precious resources. Once extracted, we must reuse them responsibly to protect the environment and reduce waste. Our role, as a market leader in resource management, makes us a crucial link in this global supply chain. One that recovers rare earth metals from secondary materials, so their value can be realised many times over.

At the heart of the Elemental brand is two core ambitions. First is our ambition to sustain and enhance the technical excellence clients have come to expect from AWT Recycling, our forerunner. Now, as Elemental, we’re still as focused as ever on accuracy, and extracting maximum value from materials at our state-of-the-art processing centre, built on decades of industry experience. Likewise, sample preparation at Elemental is as scientific, fast and accurate as it has always been. Though we’re going to new lengths to make sure we reinforce that success with customer service that is both personal and practical.

So, our second ambition stems from the recognition that clients care about what we do with their materials as much as we do. People want to know exactly what happens, and how to unlock the most value. That’s why we’re wrapping our highly sophisticated value recovery process with new levels of attentiveness and support. It’s also why we’ll continue to share expert insight using clear communication throughout our entire process, from goods-in right through to profitable sale. Elemental is committed to a new kind of approachable openness in the resource management industry. As well as the discretion, solid reliability and standout technical expertise clients have come to expect when dealing with us in the past.


Elemental is committed, organised and in-tune with the needs of a modern, agile business. We recognise that maintaining speed and accuracy in our unique sample preparation process is paramount to protecting the health of our suppliers’ business. Our success rests on gaining timely and insightful information for clients, to optimise their trading position.

Scott Borwell

Operations Manager

Scott sets and maintains impeccably high standards and manages the day-to-day running of our state-of-the-art plant and precious metals hedging.

Anna Klos

WAMITAB Specialist

With her engineering degree, and numerous environmental qualifications, Anna offers an unmatched technical knowledge which coupled with her critical thinking skills often surpass customers' expectations.

Diana Milton

Business Administrator

Diana is the coordinator of all logistic operations covering domestic and international consignments, waste protocols and providing administrative support.

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